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A beautiful collection of boutiques and stores.
Don't forget about the Plaza Art Fair every September.


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Kansas City Plaza

The Kansas City plaza (Country Club Plaza) is a unique and splendid shopping district built by the J. C. Nicholas Co. in the 1920. It is claimed to be the first suburban shopping district in the United States located in the blocks around 48th Street and Nichols Road in Kansas City, Missouri. It was the first shopping center in the world structured to cater the automobile. The Plaza opened in 1922 to instant success. On September 12,1977, a major flood of Brush Creek caused grim damage to the Plaza ruining its structure and directed a large scale restoration of the sector. The architecture of the Plaza mirrors influences of Seville, Spain.

There are more than thirty statues, murals, and tile mosaics on exhibited in the area, a few important architectural reproductions, such as a half-sized Giralda Tower, precise light fixture reproductions of San Francisco Path of golden lights. The area features magnificent Spanish tile, piazzas, and terra cotta rooftops. Kansas City is rightly titled the "city of Fountains" and the feel is reflected by distinct fountains placed in the plaza in different corners that drives one into several historic references. Among other things the Plaza is famous for its peculiar holiday lighting display, lighted up each Thanksgiving through mid-January.

The City Market features more than 30 specialty stores filled with souvenirs, imported goods and unusual finds. Westport offers boutiques, art galleries, jewelry stores and an array of restaurants and watering holes. The Country Club Plaza offers more than 140 shops and dining spots, snuggling amid Spanish and European inspired architecture and decoration. Brookside follows the Que. with its collection of boutiques, specialty stories and gift shops. And for hip-hop happening trends in the fashion district, move through the city's Crossroads Arts District and to buy antiques Corinth Square Shops. The plaza celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1997and is the oldest shopping center in the country that promises quality shopping and enjoyment to 11 million tourists each year.